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Buying a home

$$$Especially in Vancouver, purchasing property may feel like a dream that is out of reach. But building a down payment and buying a home is achievable: it just requires the right plan to get there. That’s where we can help.

Laying the groundwork for a family

$$$Once you start a family, a range of fresh financial questions come to mind. Yet making sense of RESPs, life insurance, and family income protection can feel difficult. At Novella, we want to help you arrange your portfolio to preserve, protect and profit your growing family.

Getting out of debt

$$$If life has taken some difficult turns, salvaging your situation can feel impossible. But the good news is that debt can be temporary. We can help you get on track, rebuild your savings, and even own your own home one day. Even if you don’t have much income, we can help you walk the road to financial freedom.

Pacing for retirement

$$$In your 20s or 30s, the prospect of retirement seems far away. But a bit of preparation now can open up countless options for enjoying your later years. Our Novella advisors can help you build savings now so you can spend freely in the chapters ahead.

Evergreen planning

$$$Up in years but never planned out your finances when you were young? The good news is that it’s never too late. If you start acting now, you can still take advantage of the time that’s left. We work with the current assets you have and help you integrate new assets along the way.

Securing family health benefits

$$$Even if you are self-employed or don’t have a job, extended health benefits are an option for you. Nothing is as important as your health, and being covered for future unknowns can give you great peace of mind. We can find you great plans that include secondary practitioners, prescriptions, dental and even travel medical.

Preparing your estate

$$$Proper setup of your accounts prior to your departure can make life much easier, even if you all you have is a home, a family cottage or a savings account. We can show you how to maximize and even multiply the inheritance you’ll leave behind, all while minimizing your estate’s tax burden.

Managing finances as an entrepreneur

$$$Small business owners have unique opportunities and challenges in arranging their finances. Take advantage of the full range of options at your disposal to access your wealth without triggering income and dividend taxes. With a firm grasp of tax law, we can also help you find additional tax credits so you’ll keep more money in your pocket. Your financial dreams don’t have to stay in the realm of fantasy. We believe that your best financial future is still ahead of you. Connect with a Novella advisor today to get started.

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