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We set different financial targets through a range of methods, informed by diverse perspectives. Our financial consultants possess the insight to identify where your true objectives lie. We can help you filter through the noise and provide a clear voice guiding your financial direction – carefully tailoring an optimal financial management solution just for you.

Mortgage rates. It’s always a complex matter. When we consider getting a mortgage, we must factor in the term, rates, details in the fine print, and fully understand the limitations involved and how it all falls into place with your overall financial plan. It’s tedious and time-consuming, oftentimes leaving us frustrated despite our efforts. Fortunately, our expansive network of mortgage specialists can offer the best mortgage rates and a seamless, stress-free, timely mortgage shopping experience. With our guidance, homeownership is an easy and painless process.

Many people find themselves missing lucrative opportunities due to their inaction – partly because they’re indecisive, but also from waiting too long for prices to drop. Our team of seasoned financial consultants are equipped to map out your investment trajectories and keep you on the right track. Always remember – it’s never too early to start investing but be wary of hesitating for too long.

Even when people approach middle age, retirement still seems like a blip on the horizon. Understandably, retirement is difficult to plan, let alone start thinking about. As convention wisdom goes, “Two heads are better than one”, so come talk to our expert retirement plan advisors for a deep dive on how to best map out your retirement dreams!

Starting a business is merely the first step in a long journey of running one. To operate smoothly, you’ll need a reliable team to work shoulder to shoulder with. But before you can focus on growth, you’ll first need to handle employee insurance, maximizing your taxes credits, and heaps of paperwork. Let us alleviate some of that pressure by providing your workforce with the proper insurance coverage. With your team taken care of, you will be well on your way to pushing for more business growth towards progress and success.

Investments and technology have one thing in common: it’s always ever-changing. Many others are just like you, not knowing how to get started and unable to find time to study the market. We believe that we all have our expertise, with our forte being prudent investment planning. So, leave your investments to us and focus on living your best life. Our professional advisors will rigorously give you informed analysis that fortifies your every investment decision.

Everyone is aware of Canada’s hefty progressive taxes. It is possible taxation will become a big part of your expenditure. Consult our experienced advisors for optimal tax-saving strategies tailored to your circumstances. With us, we can alleviate your tax burdens, worry-free and hassle-free.

Countries all around the world are facing a price hike in their commodities. In the face of inflation that can threaten your hard-earned savings, we must find prudent solutions for all your investments. Our professional advisors move quickly to navigate to shifting market trends, swiftly enabling you to seize the investment opportunities as they arise and protect your asset.

Whether you’re immigrating to Canada for the first time or returning from abroad, choosing whether to keep or abandon your previous insurance plan is a hard choice to make. We’re also aware that making a life here in Canada with your family requires comprehensive coverage. Hence, we need to give them the most robust insurance protection possible. Come down for a chat with our insurance advisors, so we can come up with an all-around protection plan for you and your loved ones.

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We are customer-centric, providing personalized investment products that are flexible and suitable.  

We give you 101%

We always go the extra mile to give you the best service possible. We are dedicated to helping you navigate through investment blind spots and charter the best course ahead. 

Your trusted partner for life

Managing finance is a part of life. We are committed to walking with you, side by side, through it together. Our round-the-clock advisors are at the ready, helping you answer the questions you may have anytime. 

Proven and industry recognized

Our team of advisors have received numerous accolades for our work over the years and validation from the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). It is a testament to our proven abilities and spectacular investment returns. 

A 5-Stars Service - Tried and Tested

We have received over 120 5-star Google reviews, crediting our down-to-earth, customer-centric approach to our services. 

Diverse team of experts

Our team consists of many ethnicities with different cultural backgrounds, which helps us formulate the right strategies that cater to each customer’s unique circumstances. 

Over 10 years of financial expertise

Our team of elites are seasoned advisors, with over 10 years of proven success. We are fully prepared to help take your financial goals to greater heights. 


Our team of elite advisors have consecutively received the Million Dollar Road Table (MDRT), Court of the Table (COT), and Top of the Table (TOT) accolades. 

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2,500+ Customer satisfaction

Since the beginning, Novella Wealth advisory team helped over 2,500 clients achieve their financial goals. Over 99% of customers were happy with their experience.

5.0 Google reviews

We have the highest Google reviews among brokers in Vancouver, with an average rating of 5 / 5.

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Edmond Ng

B.Sc., CIP, CFP® | Co-Founder

After almost a decade in the insurance and investment industry, Edmond Ng is an accomplished wealth-building coach. Focusing on safeguarding portfolios, estate planning and investment diversification, Edmond loves helping his clients get a better night’s sleep. Edmond spends much of his time serving tech professionals, young families and small business owners. He also mentors new financial advisors starting out in the industry. He has a hands-on style, both at work and on the golf course.

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