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We know that each of our client’s story is unique and beautiful, so to ensure that we could hear all that you have to say and that your financial future is as bright as they could be, we created a simple process for you to follow

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In our first meeting we want to get to know you through a series of common questions and sample financial plans; we want to know what makes you tick. This is also where we lay some groundwork for the story to come.
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We dive into what has been working for you, what concerns you may have, and start to get some financial background of where you are at and where you want to be. This is an important step for us to getting to really know you and finding out how we can work well together
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Now that we have gotten to a good start, let’s bring to the stage the Heroes and Villains of your finances. Through a series of questions and reviews we eliminate the Villains in your financial path and create more Heroes to be on your side to victory.
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Our heroes still need to be tested on their journeys and through continuous monitoring and review, we ensure that the heroes fight through the treacherous path of changing economic climates and lead you to victory.
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Just like how your story will never really end, we want our friendship to continue to grow and expand. When we work together, we are not just simply your advisors but friends that will watch you grow.


Life Insurance

Your health is your greatest wealth and asset. Safeguarding it for you is our mission.

Leveraging our wealth of experience as all-rounded insurance brokers, we offer a range of life insurance products that uphold our commitment to your family’s wellbeing:


– Health Insurance
– Critical Illness Insurance
– Universal Life Insurance
– Term Life Insurance
– Participating Whole Life Insurance
– Disability Insurance
– Accident Insurance
– Extended Health Care coverage
– Travel Medical Insurance
– Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada


We have round-the-clock advisors at the ready, attending to our clients even during nights or weekends because any client inquiries should be addressed at their earliest convenience. To top it off, our advantage as a brokerage firm enables our clients to find the most competitive and suitable insurance coverage in Canada.

Corporate Insurance Planning

We understand every business is unique, and unique challenges require unique solutions. This is where we come in.


Whether your business is a start-up or a mature enterprise, employees are the backbone of every successful company. We strive to take care of your employees and play a pivotal role in your business success. From employee medical insurance, extended health benefits, comprehensive insurance, disability insurance, we ensure that your valuable employees are adequately covered, worry-free.


We have the interests of your employees in mind. Come talk to us about creating your customized corporate employee insurance plans


We also offer a full suite of bespoke business financial strategies to help ensure the continuity of your company in the event of unexpected circumstances and provide security for business partners.


We work with business owners to develop and implement strategies for funding appropriate for each unique situation:


– Funding a Buy/Sell Agreement
– Key Persons Protection


You can have full confidence in our ability to diversify your investments via life insurance with tax-sheltered investment strategies. We have the interests of your employees in mind.


Come talk to us about planning a corporate strategy that is right for you.

Tax-Saving Solutions

We understand that tax management is an arduous task. Individual clients and small-medium business owners seldom receive adequate professional support. Here at Novella Wealth, we offer robust tax-saving strategies for both personal and corporate clients.


With our tax-saving solutions, we seek to maximize individual and corporate tax benefits, provide legal ways to reduce your taxes owed while devising cost-effective strategies for personal clients and business owners to achieve their short- and long-term financial goals in tax-saving investments.


We feature the following tax services at your disposal:

    • Maximizing tax deduction via registered accounts and leveraging strategies
    • Personal finances strategy and small business tax-deduction strategy
    • Providing advice on increasing tax credit by charitable plan giving

Retirement Planning

When you’re retired, every day is like the weekend, and on the weekends, we have all kinds of time and opportunities to spend money. We need to start planning for it to ensure a reliable income for your ideal retirement life.


Public pensions in Canada such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) are sources where you can secure the savings for retirement, and Novella Wealth advisors can help you find the right retirement plans to complement government pensions for you and ensure that you retire with the lifestyle you want.


We also offer enduring wealth management services, including an insured retirement plan, where we strategically and cleverly manage your retirement account that safeguards your money for retirement.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is the process by which we pass on our deepest values and possessions to our successors, forging an everlasting bond with them.


It is therefore crucial that we ensure your assets and estate are protected in the event of your departure and that your estate is distributed according to your wishes, with time efficiency (such as reducing or avoiding probate fees) through minimizing final tax and maximizing estate.


We also help you with income tax efficiency by maximizing your gifts to your favorite charities while maximizing your personal income tax benefits.


Our rich experience in estate protection and wealth preservation has been helping families secure their legacy. It is our goal to balance the relationship-based dynamic of an estate plan while maintaining the harmony of your family by protecting the privacy of the heirs.


Pass the baton to your next of kin by letting us help you leave your legacy.


Investment and Savings

Investment and savings are like planting a seed to grow a tree. A tree may grow and mature without much effort, but with a little more attention and care, the same tree may flourish into something magnificent.


With a comprehensive understanding of tax regulations, we at Novella Wealth want to help you maximize your savings and put more money in your pocket. Let us grow your money with tax-deductibles and tax-deferment saving options such as TFSA, RRSP, RESP, and RRIF.


We aim to provide you with the best financial future with segregated funds investments in one of our partnered segregated fund provider institution, iA Financial Group, a market leader in segregated funds sales performance since 2016.


Together, let’s enrich your financial goals.

Integrated Wealth Management

To borrow the wise words of Peter Westbrook, “So much of our future lies in preserving our past.” We took his words to heart. That is why it is more important to mitigate problems through foresight than to deal with problems as they appear. Our wealth management solutions are designed for you with that in mind.


Big dreams require big plans. To realize those dreams, investment management plays a pivotal role. We have a proven track record of managing our client’s savings and investments by choosing the best-segregated funds per our client’s financial objectives.


From efficient wealth planning & comprehensive wealth solutions, we strive to help you outperform the market, and let your money make more money.

Mortgage Planning

When it comes to mortgage planning, it must be timely and flexible to satisfy our client’s financial needs. Our close partnering network of banking professionals and mortgage specialists can provide our clients preferential mortgage rates so that we can help you secure a mortgage tailor-made to suit your circumstance.


With access to various mortgage lenders, we can assist you with mortgage rates comparisons, mortgage shopping, as well as devise a savings plan for a down payment.


Talk to us, and we will help you make owning a home in Canada a reality.


It's people that count. As a relationship-based firm, our focus is entirely on serving our clients well. We manage each portfolio with the same care that we give our own. Let’s start with a simple conversation to discuss your financial concerns and goals. Use our online tool to book a Zoom appointment with a Novella advisor, or send us a message enquiry using the contact form.


    Edmond Ng

    B.Sc., CIP, CFP® | Co-Founder

    After almost a decade in the insurance and investment industry, Edmond Ng is an accomplished wealth-building coach. Focusing on safeguarding portfolios, estate planning and investment diversification, Edmond loves helping his clients get a better night’s sleep. Edmond spends much of his time serving tech professionals, young families and small business owners. He also mentors new financial advisors starting out in the industry. He has a hands-on style, both at work and on the golf course.

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