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Our advisors all started from different walks of life and one thing or another led us to each other. We believe this fate is our destiny. We want to ensure that like-minded individuals have a place to work together and grow together in this thriving industry and market. If you ever thought that you’re meant for more and want to challenge yourself in a new career while helping other achieves their goals then this is a place you want to check out.

Kinson Lai

BBA, CFP, CEO | Branch Manager


For Kinson Lai, clients are like a second family. Thriving on the personal connection of understanding his clients and their needs, Kinson believes the best financial advising is born out of trust. When not in the office, Kinson loves spending time with his wife, Mandy, his young daughter, Charaine and the latest additional to the family, young son, Clovis. Kinson is a busy man, yet he has mastered the art of prioritizing both work and family. He provides great perspective to busy clients looking for balance in their lives.

Edmond Ng

B.Sc., CIP, CFP, CRO | Branch Manager


After almost a decade in the insurance and investment industry, Edmond Ng is an accomplished wealth-building coach. Focusing on safeguarding portfolios, estate planning and investment diversification, Edmond loves helping his clients get a better night's sleep. Edmond spends much of his time serving tech professionals, young families and small business owners. He also mentors new financial advisors starting out in the industry. He has a hands-on style, both at work and on the golf course.

Tom Ng

financial advisor


After getting into the insurance and investment industry, Tom believes that everyone should have their own personal financial advisor that they can trust. He helps people achieve their goals through his sophisticated yet simple and effective financial planning. His large knowledge base comes from his relentless and willingness to learn and to do the best at everything that he encounters. When the financial suit is off, Tom is like everyone else who loves to spend time with friends and family.

Thomas Chan

B.Sc | Senior Advisor


Throughout his years with Novella, Thomas has built a reputation for developing personal financial strategies, setting up risk management, and accumulating wealth for young individuals and families. Starting from friends and becoming extended family members, there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing people accomplishing their financial goals. Thomas strongly believes in team building with his peers. Thus, he encourages everyone to converse or even challenge him as Together Everyone Achieves More!

Alvin Tong

Sales Advisor


Alvin is a huge basketball and LA Lakers fan. Alvin trusts that everyone should enjoy their own living style. Alvin would love to be your "Phil Jackson" to plan how to accomplish your financial goal in every different stage of life. Alvin would love to be your "Shaquille O'Neal" to block off the obstacles that you might encounter in your life. Alvin would love to be your "Derrick Fisher" and help everyone to become " Kobe Bryant" to win their own "Most Valuable Player Award". Are you ready to join Alvin's team to win? Are you ready to be champion of your life?

Annie Chiang

Sales Supervisor


Annie Chiang believes that fortitude is the key to success.  With a background in health, she values the importance of planning ahead and believes that reaching financial freedom requires consistent foresight and determination.  8 years of being in the financial industry, she understands the importance of building trust and rapport with her clients while customizing holistic financial planning plans for them.  She is determined to ensure success for her clients.  Annie may seem quiet at first, but that is only because she is a good listener.  She believes that the foundation of a successful business is built on trust and communication.

Cynthia To

B.A. | Sales Supervisor


Ever since joining the team at Novella, Cynthia learned the importance of protecting families as well as their wealth. As a financial advisor, she strives to provide her clients with excellent customer service and advice that could assist them into planning for a brighter future. She is an enthusiastic individual who loves music and sports. Most importantly, Cynthia loves helping others and this career allows her to do that every single day.

Cyrus Lau

BA | Senior Advisor


A lot of people say they do not need insurance. However, these people are usually the first one to ask about insurance when things happen. Cyrus is keen on helping his clients to do insurance planning with different strategies. Also, Cyrus is able to help his clients to build up more assets. Life is already complicated enough. Let Cyrus quote you an unique finanical plan. Let Cyrus quote you happiness.

Henry Hung

Sales Supervisor


Henry is a dedicated financial advisor who works non-stop around the clock to provide guidance, professional advice, and insights to his clients. He is committed to all his clients and always willing to go out of his way to support their needs. He is knowledgeable and has access to a broad network of experts in various fields, which allows him to help his clients to build holistic thorough strategic plans that are tailored to their specific short-term and long-term goals in life. Henry stands out from other financial advisors because he is someone who can always confide in, he puts his clients' interests first, and he looks out for them as he looks out for his own friends and family. This has enabled him to build a strong and long-lasting partnership with every single one of his clients. After working hours Henry love badminton and hang out with friends.

Ivan Tan

CPA, CMA | Financial Advisor


Ivan trusts that the dots will connect in your future. The moment you allow him to join your life journey, and to assist you in making one of the most important financial decisions, you know you are checked in for financial security and longevity. Together, you and him will work towards the future you envision for yourself.

Zoe Lee

Sales Supervisor - BFA


Zoe Lee is a passionate and caring individual who has helped her clients grow their financial wisdom over the years. She achieves this by sharing market updates regularly and patiently guiding her clients through their financial blueprints. She focuses her service in providing most tax efficient strategies to business owners, young professionals and retirees to preserve wealth to meet their mid and long term goals. She enjoys showing her clients the best suitable ideas to grow their wealth. Before joining the financial industry, Zoe has extensive experience in building business and customer relationships by providing the best possible solutions to fulfill clients' needs. Outside of work, Zoe loves sharing her passion in sports, healthy lifestyle and travel experiences on digital social media.

Emily Yau

Executive Assistant


With much of her mom’s career being in the insurance industry, Emily grew up being emerged in the excellence of her standards and way of business, which attributes to the success that Emily has in her everyday work.  Emily takes pride in her professionalism and is passionate about helping others succeed and achieve their goals.  She is always enthusiastic to contribute in anyway she can, and she uses her personality to her advantage as she is kind, independent, and strives for greatness.  Outside of the office, Emily loves to sing as she studied classical voice at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.