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  • Amy Huang

  • Angelo Ho

  • Betty Chiu

  • Brenda Ng

  • Carter Luk

  • Clifford Mak

  • Erick Hazama

  • Herman Ko

  • Jarvis Wong

  • Jason Au

  • Joseph Wong

  • Mark Chun

  • Paul Yau

  • Rajesh Sewak

  • Remi Leong Sit

  • Sally Cheng

  • Samson Lau

  • Samuel Chan

  • Tatsuya Sageishi

  • Timothy Koh

  • William Chan


Our advisors all started from different walks of life and one thing or another led us to each other. We believe this fate is our destiny. We want to ensure that like-minded individuals have a place to work together and grow together in this thriving industry and market. If you ever thought that you’re meant for more and want to challenge yourself in a new career while helping other achieves their goals then this is a place you want to check out.